Big Cat Allies will organize different events throughout the community. Some events may be strictly educational and others will just be for people to have a good time! Bottom line, we want to raise money for our cause but we don’t want to force our message on you unknowingly. So if you see an event that looks like fun and you’re thinking “how does this relate to big cats”, well it simply may not! We plan to utilize events as a source of fundraising and to get people aware of our name and cause. So please don’t hesitate to attend an event that looks like fun because you are worried it’s going to be all about big cats. There is a time and place for everything!! Please check this page to get information on all upcoming events! All proceeds collected at events will be on behalf of one of our hero organizations; the chosen organization will be advertised at the event!

We are sorry to say we have not held any recent events, but please check back occasionally to see if we add any upcoming events!