The mission of Big Cat Allies is to raise funds to support existing big cat rescue groups and conservation efforts, as well as raise awareness of the plight of big cats in the wild and in captivity.

As our name implies, we want to fight for big cats and alongside other groups who are fighting for big cats. We envision ourselves as an ally to big cats and to existing organizations.

Our organization is focused primarily on local event-based fundraising as our primary way to raise funds.  All profits that are raised from events will be donated directly to a select number of existing big cat rescue groups and conservation efforts. We call these organizations our “heroes” because they inspire us by the incredible work they do. Our goal is not to compete with these existing groups for donations, but rather to raise money on their behalf so that we can help support established and successful efforts. We all have the same goals; we simply want to help these groups achieve their goals.

We created our website with the hope to increase awareness among the public about the issues big cats face. We are by no means an authoritative source on these issues. We did our research so we could include some basic information that hopefully will inspire people to learn more. It is our hope that our website is a vehicle to drive more traffic to our hero organizations’ websites, which have a wealth of information. Educating the public is key to ensuring future support for big cats. All money that is donated on our website and raised through our online shop will go directly to our hero organizations.

We have a passion for big cats, for ending the abuse and neglect big cats face in captivity and for raising awareness of conservation efforts to help make sure that big cats can flourish in the wild forever, free from human threats.