The mission of Big Cat Allies is to raise funds to support existing big cat rescue groups and conservation efforts, as well as raise awareness of the plight of big cats in the wild and in captivity.

As the name implies, we want to fight for big cats and alongside other groups who are fighting for big cats. We envision ourselves as an ally to big cats and to existing organizations.

We created our website with the hope to increase awareness among the public about the issues big cats face. We are by no means an authoritative source on these issues. We did our research so we could include some basic information that hopefully will inspire people to learn more. It is our hope that our website is a vehicle to drive more traffic to our hero organizations’ websites, which have a wealth of information. Educating the public is key to ensuring future support for big cats.

We do not collect donations through our website, but we happily direct you to other organizations to which you can donate funds. We call these organizations our “heroes” because they inspire us by the incredible work they do. Our goal is to help them raise money to support their established and successful efforts!

We have a passion for big cats, for ending the abuse and neglect big cats face in captivity and for raising awareness of conservation efforts to help make sure that big cats can flourish in the wild forever, free from human threats.

kellieBCA was founded by Kellie Ellison, who fell in love with tigers when she was eight years old. Since then, Kellie has had an extraordinary love and passion for big cats. Starting BCA is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to help big cats and to educate the public about issues and threats that big cats face in our world today. She wants to encourage others to support conservation efforts and to speak up to end the abuse and abandonment of big cats that are privately owned and bred. The public often is simply unaware and uneducated about these issues and by starting BCA, Kellie hopes to raise awareness and make a difference in the lives and futures of big cats.

Kellie thanks her husband, Mark, for his support and encouragement in starting BCA. She dedicates BCA to her first true love, Beeb, for giving her the inspiration to follow her heart and to do what makes her happy.

Please help us be the voice big cats so desperately need!

We’d like to give a special thanks to Tom Cavallaro for creating our amazing logo!