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A Christmas Wish

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Here is what I wish for this holiday season.

The holiday season is a time when most people reflect on what’s really important in their lives. People often are happier and more appreciative during the holidays. They count their blessings and promise to do more or be better in the coming New Year. The New Year comes and goes and this promise usually gets lost in the daily shuffle of life.  It’s easy for it to happen. The world today is a lot different than it used to be in simpler times. People used to need little to survive, often working just for the necessities of life. I believe those times were what it was supposed to be about. The world has gotten out of hand, with materialism and technology taking over people’s lives. Yes, technology has brought valuable additions to human lives, such as modern medicine. But the majority of it is causing massive destruction to the earth and its limited resources. One of those resources that is suffering the most is the animal kingdom. And it breaks my heart.

For those that are animal lovers, you know that nothing compares to the love for an animal. Animals are innocent, pure, loyal and uncomplicated: completely unlike humans. Animals live for only what they need. They are simple and that’s exactly what makes them so amazing. Unfortunately they are so vulnerable in our world today, because humans are smarter and can use animals as they wish. People exploit animals in roadside zoos and circuses to make money, with no regard to the inhumane treatment they are putting the animals through. People knock down forests so that they can mass produce products and make more money. People kill animals for their coats and body parts to sell on the illegal wildlife market. People kill animals strictly for sport or even worse, in canned hunts where there is no “sport” even involved. It’s truly disgraceful what humans are capable of and are willing to so easily do. Has an animal ever had a bad intention and done something as horrible to a human? No. On the occasions that animals attack people, it’s almost always because the animal is trying to protect itself. And why is it trying to protect itself? Because it’s being forced to hunt closer to inhabited areas since some big company has destroyed its forests and it comes across a human by accident. Because a person has forced the animal into a life of suffering in a small cage, being chained to a platform to take pictures with paying customers and the animal acts on protective instincts. Because poachers invade the animal’s territory trying to kill it for body parts and the animal protects itself. Because some dumb person selfishly decided to buy a tiger as a pet and that tiger acts on natural, ingrained predatory instincts. If my point isn’t clear, so many humans do horrible things strictly for personal gain. Animals are only interested in self-preservation. Sadly, the human race has stomped all over that right of animals. What is ironic is that each and every animal in the animal kingdom plays a vital role in our world’s ecosystems. Without these animals, our ecosystems fall apart and humans end up with a lot of problems. Humans that are contributing to the endangerment and extinction of precious animal species are ultimately contributing to the demise of the human race.

So as the holidays approach and you’re in the middle of the materialistic frenzy, my wish is that you take a moment to slow down and think about my points above. Wouldn’t it be nice to go back to a simpler time? It’s impossible, but it’s not impossible for you to take action and help save the animals in our world and ensure a bright future for planet earth and the human race. Instead of buying a gift for someone who has everything already, make a donation in their name to an organization of your choice. I’m partial to big cats of course, but if you know someone who loves elephants, by all means make a donation to an organization that helps elephants. If you don’t have money to spend on gifts this year, then take an hour or two to educate yourself on some issues and then share those issues with your family and friends on social media and help educate and inspire others. Change cannot happen overnight, but if people are willing to come together and work on it, then change will happen. If every person made a small donation or helped spread awareness, big things could happen. So many great organizations exist that are doing great things every day and they can use your support during the holiday season and during the rest of the year too!

Visit the “Heroes” page for some recommendations on big cat organizations that you can donate to. Otherwise, search the web for another organization that may have more meaning to you. Just be sure to support reputable organizations!

Doing something good feels good and that goodness spreads to others.

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