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Carolina Tiger Rescue to the Rescue!

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Carolina Tiger Rescue, one of our hero organizations, rescued two pet tigers from Alabama this weekend!

Carolina Tiger Rescue is a nonprofit organization in North Carolina, dedicated to providing lifelong homes to wild cats that are abandoned or have nowhere else to go. They have over 70 animals including tigers, leopards, ocelots and more.

Several staff members of Carolina Tiger Rescue, including a veterinarian, an animal keeper and Assistant Director traveled to Alabama this past weekend to rescue a male and female tiger, believed to be at least 11 years old. The two tigers are being rescued from a woman in failing health, who also owned lions, cougars, wolves and a bear. Carolina Tiger Rescue unfortunately had to leave another two tigers behind because it does not have habitats available. According to a press release from Carolina Tiger Rescue, Executive Director Pam Fulk said the rescue has ample room for smaller cats, but they have run out of habitats for big cats. So in June, to help prepare for more big cat rescues as quickly as possible, they kicked off a Habitat Campaign, an effort to raise $84,000 in order to build six more big cat habitats. This will allow them to intake more big cats in need of a lifelong home. The campaign is being supported by Tigers in America, who will donate a 50% match for all donations over $500.

You can help by making a donation directly to Carolina Tiger Rescue to support the building of new habitats or to help with food and vet costs. The Alabama rescue cost $5,000, so your donation can also help for future rescues. If you are able to make a donation of $500 or more, you’ll want to donate directly to Tigers in America, who will then send a check to Carolina Tiger Rescue for 150% of your donation. Details can be found on either Carolina Tiger Rescue’s website or Tigers in America’s website or the links below will take you directly where you need to go!

Donate to help Carolina Tiger Rescue build new habitats (donations of less than $500)

Donate through Tigers in America and get a 50% Match (donations of $500 or more)


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