tiger in big cat crossing

Philadelphia Zoo Big Cat Crossing

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Philadelphia zoo visitors now have a unique vantage point to see big cats!

The Philadelphia Zoo recently completed the Big Cat Crossing, a revolutionary, first of its kind travel and exploration system for its big cats, such as tigers, lions, leopards, pumas and jaguars. Not only does this new pathway allow the public some awesome and jaw-dropping sights, but more importantly, it provides the big cats with much needed enrichment! The big cats benefit from having more room to roam, more sights to see, more sounds to hear and more fun to be had! Be sure you check the Big Cat Crossing out this summer at the Philadelphia Zoo.

And if you didn’t know, the zoo has claimed 2014 the “Year of the Big Cat.” During 2014, the zoo will focus on educating its visitors about how they can make choices in their everyday lives to help protect big cats that are endangered in the wild. We are so happy that the zoo is putting so much attention on big cats this year. Time is of the essence to help these beautiful creatures in the wild and the zoo is using its voice to make an impact in a big way.

Tiger in Big Cat Crossing

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