Big cats make bad pets!

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Big cats, such as tigers and lions, do NOT make good pets!  Here are several reasons why:

  • Big cats are wild animals. You may be able to train wild animals, but you can never tame them. They will always inherit a dangerous predatory instinct. They are hard wired to be killers. 
  • Big cats are about 12 times stronger than man! Even when “playing”, big cats can easily injure or even kill their owners.
  • Big cats require a lot of space to roam. They roam hundreds of miles in the wild. Living in a house or cage for a big cat is like a person living in a small bathroom his/her whole life.
  • Big cats spray a lot of urine to mark their territory. It’s not a small amount like your house cat or dog and it can travel far!
  • It costs about $10,000 a year for food and medical care to properly care for one big cat. 
  • By buying a big cat, you are supporting the wild animal trade!!!

If everyone would just SAY NO to exotic cats as pets, then breeders will be forced to stop breeding these beautiful animals for lives of neglect and confinement.

If you are looking for a pet, then visit a local animal rescue or shelter and adopt a domestic cat in need of a home! Our favorites in the Philadelphia area are Furrever Friends and One by One Cat Rescue. The founder of Big Cat Allies, Kellie, adopted each of her cats from these two rescues. Bali, her very own little tiger, is pictured below. This is the ONLY type of tiger anyone should own as a pet!

house cat as tiger



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  1. Very wise words. When are people going to understand what is so easily understandable? It’ s a sad fact that this sort of ridiculous thing often kills – the animals as well as the humans. It so often ends in tradgedy.

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